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Colonial Chemical Company has been involved in the manufacture and supply of Urea based chemicals for NOx abatement for over 15 years and handles millions of gallons of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and urea annually.

As a leader in the emerging Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) market, Colonial Chemical has been an original Automotive-Alliance Stakeholder providing leadership and technical guidance to this new industry. We helped develop the current ISO 22241 global specifications that define quality as a US delegate. We have been active in helping the industry to develop this market and infrastructure. We helped develop the first commercial weights & measures bulk dispensing system and hold the first API Certification License.

Colonial Chemical has been selling DEF to several OEM's and test fleets, as well as major truck stop chains and trucking fleets for over 6 years. Colonial Chemical has our Colonial™DEF product available in small packages (1 & 2.5 gallon bottles), drums, totes, as well as in bulk.  Our product is API certified and meets all of the ISO 22241 specifications.  We have proven equipment solutions that we can recommend for many types of storage and dispensing applications.

We are a small nimble company who is easy to work with and can bring you proven expertise in providing Colonial™DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid and dispensing solutions. We can work with you to offer private label opportunities.

We are looking for distributors and partners who want to help us market our product. Please use the contact us section and we will respond promptly.


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